Helping PMP Aspirants Maintain Perfect Work-Life Balance

Helping PMP Aspirants Maintain Perfect Work-Life Balance

Leadership is the ability to inspire people to have belief in you and strive for a common cause. It is the most important skill in today's competitive business world and in the absence of strong leadership, many otherwise good businesses would fail. Understanding the DNA and basic traits of strong leaders and trying to develop those skills in ourselves is key to the development and smooth running of any business.

The Sanskrit word for leader is ‘agraga’, which means, someone who leads from the front. This pretty much sums up a leader-a person who leads by example. It’s a simple yet beautiful description that satisfies the necessary prerequisite for a leader.

Same is the case with a Project Manager. A project may be in the hands of highly qualified professionals, well backed up financially and consultants may be highly experienced, but if the efforts of all the stakeholders are not skillfully managed, the project may overrun the budget, fail to meet the deadline, or fall short in quality. If the project is bigger and a more complex one, the more critical this overall management function becomes and calls for dexterity on part of the Project Manager to manage and lead the project to the desired end.

SABCONS has been at the forefront of imparting training to aspiring leaders and Project Managers who are willing and ready to take that next step in their careers and make a positive impact to the overall health of their organizations. SABCONS flagship program S-ProjectPro (PMP Certification) is one such program that helps young Managers hone their project management skills and take that next step in their careers.

This 5-day PMP Certification program for August is scheduled to take place from August 27-31, 2018. Initially the program was scheduled for week days only. But, now SABCONS has also come up with an option that caters to working professionals who can’t make it on weekdays and is scheduled for five Saturdays from July 28, 2018-August 25, 2018. Working professionals can choose either of the two to climb up the ladder in the corporate world.  

This weekend program is a boon for those working professionals who don’t have the luxury to skip work and join the program. It also gives them the flexibility to spend their Sundays with their families, while at the same time upgrade their Project Management skills. This program also helps the professionals maintain that perfect work-life balance and create a synergy in their lives that helps them grow and evolve as a person.

The PMP Certification program still holds the same lure for working professionals as before and is preapproved for 40 contact hours in fulfilment of certification eligibility requirements, as well as 40 PDUs for PMPs to fulfil the continuing certification requirements (PMI® CCR) for PMI® credentials.

There are a number of skills that a Project Manager should possess in order to successfully lead a project. These include the more obvious technical, business, and management skills, but also a number of soft skills. The most important quality that a Project Manager should possess is people management skills. He should be a good leader and a good team player and that’s the only way he could coordinate the efforts and get the job done. Successful project management is built on the basic premise of creating and maintaining strong relationships across the organization and this program provides them the perfect platform to hone these skills and get ready for the bigger battles ahead.

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