About Us

What We Do

SABCONS helps modern organizations and professionals accelerate their growth through high-end training and consulting engagements in Project Management, Leadership, and Strategy. Since inception in 1995, we have delivered over 1000 high impact workshops in India and abroad.

What Sabcons Does


To transform modern professionals into leaders equipped with critical leadership and strategic skills which will help them drive efficiency, optimization, and revenue growth.


To collaborate with experts, and leading organizations and institutes to build a career transformation roadmap for modern professionals, based on leadership competencies aligned to the latest and most relevant global trends.

The PMI Talent Triangle®

Our X-factor is the focus on the PMI Talent Triangle – Technical Project Management, Leadership, and Strategy. In line with that, we have introduced transformational workshops on Technical Project Management, Leadership, and Strategy, designed to create leaders with a 360° view of the business environment. The aim of these workshops is to transform the career of modern day professionals and equip them with skills that are relevant to the business requirements of modern organizations.

What We Offer

Having offered leadership and management workshops across several verticals including IT, manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare and banking, our team brings the right mix of domain expertise and general leadership principles to the classroom. Our programs have been developed in line with the PMI Talent Triangle – Technical Project Management, Leadership, and Strategy. Read more


We are a trusted brand with more than 20 years of training experience. SABCONS has delivered more than 1000 programs and trained more than 20,000 professionals in India and abroad. We were one of the sponsors for PMI® India Conference in 2009 (Hyderabad), 2010 (Mumbai), 2011 (Bangalore), and Project Management Practitioner’s Conference in 2014 (Bangalore).