Yes, at the completion of the training program, you will receive a certificate signed by the respective facilitator.

The combination of programs will vary based on your current roles and responsibilities and skill level. You may consider taking this assessment quiz for insights

Yes, we offer tailored, in-house training to corporates across the world. If your organization has minimum 10 project practitioners to be trained, an exclusive in-house customized program could be an additional option. Want to know more? Contact us.

Fees once paid is non-refundable; however, the registered participant may send a substitute prior to the start of the program. The nominated participant (substitute) has to register and complete all formalities like any other fresh participant. SABCONS reserves the right to register the nominated participant (substitute). In the event the registered participant is unable to find a suitable nominee or the nominee is not acceptable to SABCONS, the registered participant may attend the subsequent program at the same location subject to him/her forfeiting any incentive already availed and paying the complete course fees as per the terms and conditions communicated by SABCONS.

When a program is canceled, SABCONS assumes no responsibility for non-refundable airline tickets or lodging expenses. However, the fees paid by the participant will either be transferred to the next program or refunded to the participant.

No shows cannot transfer payment to another SABCONS program and will not receive a refund.

SABCONS does not refund fees unless they cancel the program.

However, in extenuating circumstances, SABCONS understands that there are times when personal emergencies may cause you to not attend or postpone attending the program.

Extenuating circumstances include:

  • Medical emergency
  • Death in immediate family
  • Natural disaster

*Extenuating circumstances do not include work-related circumstances like busy schedule, loss of job etc.*

Should a situation like this occur, SABCONS will examine your situation based on requisite evidence and permit you to attend any of the forthcoming sessions in the next 3 months?

No claim for no-show status

The transformation roadmap is our uniquely designed competency roadmap which offers an end to end path to help a professional transition progressively from a junior manager to a senior business leader. It is a continuous learning path with a set of programs aligned to each professional milestone in reaching a business leader position.Click here

SABCONS offers programs matched to each stage of a professional journey—for example, the Future Project Manager course is suitable for entry-level managers; Project, Program, Leadership courses for senior managers and Portfolio and Strategy management courses are suitable for business leaders. You can begin with us at any level with the most suitable program from our offerings and get the alumni benefit for successive courses.

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The advantage of attending an offline classroom over an online course is rather intangible. One could choose to sit in a room and listen to a video about a topic, or choose to interact with a bunch of people in a classroom. The experience in a classroom is far beyond the value that is provided by interacting with the course instructor. Mostly, it’s the peer group that attends the course and brings different perspectives that opens one's horizon towards learning.

Please hear the views from one of the participants from IIM Bangalore about online vs offline learning experience: http://blog.iimb.ac.in/online-vs-offline-study/