A Day in the Life of a Manager

SABCONS, one of the best Project Management training institutes in Bangalore, delivers a highly differentiated workshop format for corporates in India and abroad.

To nurture the skills to evolve into effective people managers

Program Overview

This program will help participants understand some of the skills that would help them become successful and effective people managers if they chose the management path vs the technical career path. It is designed to help you communicate effectively to influence others, and develops behaviors that assist in the transition from peer to leader.

Key Takeaways

Participants will be able to:

  • Get clarity on what skillsets are required to be an effective people’s manager
  • Learn more about process transparency and solid feedback processes


  • Helps participants look at skills and competencies prior to choosing a management career path. Participants can choose a technical career path if they prefer to do so
  • Increases credibility by focusing on job and people skills
  • Develops behaviors that assist in the transition from peer to leader


1 day


Ideal for

Employees who have chosen the management career path Talent identified to be likely managers within a year or two (Leads, Senior Leads etc.)

Our PMI Talent Triangle® Guru

Pushpa Menon has dedicated more than 20 years in Learning & Development, focusing on customizing management development programs.

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