Key Differentiators

Lead with the SABCONS Advantage

Learn. Transform. Lead.

SABCONS offers a pedagogy designed to incite debate, introspection and transformation. Our workshops provide insightful learning environments with practical examples, incisive games and role plays as opposed to cookie-cutter based learning approaches. We customize each organization-based program according to the unique needs of the organization and relevant industry trends. Our interactive sessions and applied learning methodologies inspire participants to think out-of-the-box and lead with confidence. We believe in offering our alumni holistic transformation and continuous improvement. The transformation roadmap is our unique career-mapped learning process, designed to place our alumni on accelerated career tracks.

High Benefit-Cost Ratio

High Benefit-Cost Ratio

Our programs equip participants with practical, deployable skills helping them smoothly transition into higher roles or assume larger spans of responsibilities. These professionals are trained to start delivering from the day they resume work after training. The increase in efficiency offsets the cost incurred. Needless to say our participants also have very high success rates in exams such as PMP® certification that we train them for. Investment in SABCONS programs does not cost, it pays!

High Impact Learning

Come to SABCONS for high impact learning with a unique mix of games, case studies, exercises, role plays, videos and experience sharing all in a fun, stimulating environment. As a SABCONS participant, you don’t have to be scared of boring lectures or death by PowerPoint.

High Impact Learning

Hand-Picked Expert Facilitators

Our ‘learning by doing’ adage starts with our faculty. Our facilitators come with proven experience in Project Management, Leadership, Strategy, and Behaviour Psychology, having played key leadership roles in organizations around the world. As regular participants at PMI® Global Congresses and other workshops, we keep abreast of the latest global management practices with a sharp insight into the global context. Our experts have more than 20 years of individual experience in global training and consulting and have played significant roles in major organizations all over the world.

A Trusted Organization

A rich legacy of 20 years, 1000 programs across the world, a record 50 five-day programs in 52 weeks (2006) and more than 100 programs for a single MNC – the figures speak volumes of the trust that corporate organizations and individual project practitioners have in SABCONS.

Rich Alumni Network

We have trained some of India’s most dynamic professionals in the fields of leadership and management. Studying with us makes you a part of this extensive alumni network. You have the opportunity of networking with a diverse group, giving you access to rich peer learning and extensive career opportunities.

Value-Based Approach

At SABCONS, we are backed by our no-compromise, value-based framework, inculcating:

  • Professionalism
  • Ethical practices
  • Agility
  • Constant reinvention
  • Relationship focus
  • Parity in treatment of stakeholders