Future Project Manager (CAPM® Certification)

Excellent techniques and concepts on the subject.

Relevant examples, attention to participants, quality of knowledge transferred.

Global Project Management

This was my first project management training although I have been managing projects for 4+ years. The session did help me think outside my knowledge bank and helped assess my current skills. It also help enhance my confidence that I have been unknowingly practicing some of the skills presented. It definitely kicks off new thought processes that would help enhance the way I manage projects.

By role play they have made aware of lot of qualities a project manager should have, examples are very good.

Very exhaustive and interactive, should be made mandatory to all Project Managers/Leaders.

Different things involved in projects management, things which we were using without knowledge, we were not giving much promising.

Excellent instructor and great program content.

Insightful program. Instructor was quite knowledgeable and thorough.

Use of our case studies, brainstorming, correcting and providing better alternatives.

The session was very accommodative, energetic, enthusiasm, possessed great knowledge and created a conducive learning environment.