Talent Triangle Trio

Stay Relevant. Stay in Demand. Talent Triangle in a bundle.

Program Overview

As per PMI Pulse of Profession 2017, “Champion organizations are prioritizing the development of technical, leadership skills and strategic and business management skills of their project teams – The three sides of Talent Triangle.” This has resulted in them having more successful projects.

More than 80 percent of their projects complete on time, on budget, and meet the objective and intent of the project and have high benefits realization maturity.

SABCONS Talent Triangle Gurus have created the module Talent Triangle Trio that will initiate your team into the three sides of Talent Triangle – Technical Project Management, Leadership, and Strategy and Business Management.

PMI's Talent Triangle

Key Takeaways

TTT Variant 1

  • An insight into Project Management challenges by means of a game
  • Practitioners’ approach to addressing these challenges
  • Lead by Communicating for Results - Transform the way you communicate
  • Communicate with purpose and impact
  • Understanding Strategy - An introduction to concepts of business strategy to help evaluate your own programs/portfolios with a view to align them to corporate goals
  • As a PMP and PgMP Certificate holder, you can claim 24 PDUs. PDU Category: Technical: 8; Leadership: 8; Strategy: 8

TTT Variant 2

  • An insight into Program and Portfolio Management framework
  • Practitioners’ approach to program/portfolio management using case studies
  • Distinguishing ‘Thinking’
  • Have an understanding about Systems Thinking
  • Process/System to Power Strategy
  • As a PMP and PgMP Certificate holder, you can claim 24 PDUs; PDU Category: Technical: 8; Leadership: 8; Strategy: 8


  • 3 days, 3 sides of Talent Triangle - bundled into one program
  • Learn from experts in the field
  • Hands-on case study driven approach
  • Designed with practitioners’ point of view
  • 8 PDUs for each of the side of the Talent Triangle

Duration: 3 days

Ideal for

 TTT Variant 1  TTT Variant 2
 Topics covered:
  1. Practical Project Management
  2. Lead by Communicating for Results
  3. Understanding Strategy
 Topics covered:
  1. Risk Management/Program and Portfolio Management
  2. Rapport Building for Effective Leadership
  3. Systems Thinking to Power Strategy