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Does SABCONS conduct weekend training programs for PMI® certifications?

It is our experience over our 15 year stint in preparing individuals for the PMI® credentials that while training over the weekends with a break in between may seem convenient in the short run, fails to provide the necessary focus and seriousness to the participant's PMP® efforts. We conduct the program over 5 consecutive days so that the participants are able to appreciate the subject in its entirety and also retain the learning for the exam. Our focus is on enhancing competence and effectiveness of project practitioners and not just teaching to pass the test.

Why does SABCONS conduct a 5 day PMP® Certification program, whereas other providers are conducting for 4 days?

There are two categories of training programs: Informative: e.g. PMP® tutorial, where focus is on teaching to pass the PMP® test only. The participants post the training program, might clear the PMP® test, but may or may not be in a position to apply the PMBOK® concepts on real time situations. The other category is the transformational type which focuses on enhancing the effectiveness and competence of the participants. SABCONS programs delivers a harmonious blend of informational and transformational content.

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