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Maps are essential. Planning a journey without a map is like building a house without drawings. – Mark Jenkins, Sculptor, Celebrated Artist.

Planning a successful career path is not too different from planning an exploration trail. You need the right plans and maps to reach your goal. A successful, fast-moving career requires considerable planning and clarity about not just the career objective but the path to reach there. In a competitive environment with little tolerance for non-performance having a career roadmap and a long-term clarity is critical to your success.

The Transformation Roadmap

Centred on our promise of “Learn. Transform. Lead”, the transformation roadmap offers an end to end path to help a professional transition progressively from a junior manager to a senior business leader. It is a continuous learning path with a set of programs and key resources aligned to each professional milestone in reaching a business leader position.

The roadmap becomes a handy tool for both professionals and organizations.

How does the Transformation Roadmap help Individuals?

The Transformation roadmap is your career compass, helping you:

  1. Understand the right set of skills required at every stage of your career
  2. Acquire those skills with our extensive set of  learning programs aligned to each milestone
  3. Access critical career resources and networking opportunities tailored to your career level
  4. Avoid the VUCA trap with the right set of competencies required for each leadership stage

How does the Transformation Roadmap help corporates?

  1. Help HR managers charter a competency map for the employees
  2. Help L&D heads decide on the right trainings and resources at all levels
  3. Equip training managers with research insights and resources to plan the right corporate capability map
  4. Deploy motivated professionals  with a clear understanding of a career roadmap

The Transformation roadmap is primarily focused at 4 career milestones and we have developed a set of programs corresponding to each of these milestones helping you make a successful transition to the next desired level.

Project Lead / Team Lead / Team Members

  • Future Project Manager
    (CAPM® Certification Training)
  • MS Project
  • Scrum Master Certification
  • Global Project Management

Project Managers:  

  • Professional Project Management 
    (PMP®  Certification Training)
  • Rapport Building for Effective Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communicating for Results
  • Understanding Strategy

Program Managers:

  • Program Management for
    Business Results (PgMP®  Certification Training)
  • Key Account Management
  • Benefit Realisation Management

Portfolio Managers / Business Unit Heads

  • Portfolio Management for
    Organizational Initiatives (PfMP®  Certification Training)
  • Strategy Formulation, Planning and
     Execution Workshop

Besides our portfolio of training programs, we also have a host of career resources: management blogs, LinkedIn alumni groups, white papers to help a professional at every stage.

Consulting for Transformation

We go a step beyond training by offering a set of consulting initiatives designed to help organizations accelerate their transformative journey. We support your internal teams with our consulting expertise, helping you build stronger motivated teams and successfully deliver critical projects and programs. 

Our consulting portfolio consists of the following key offerings:

SABCONS e-brochure, to view / download, click here

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