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Competition to Collaboration

In a recent survey conducted by us on Employee well-being and what causes stress at the work place, we were not surprised to find that the number one cause that triggered stress was People! Conflicts are a part and parcel of Projects where multiple stakeholders are involved. Timely identification of these conflicts and proactive resolution becomes a priority. This program on ‘Competition to Collaboration’ focuses on building competencies in these areas especially team building and conflict management to facilitate healthy interactions within the Project environment.

Objective of the Program:

  1. To facilitate a shift from the attitude of competition to collaboration through:
  2. Recognizing both Intrapersonal and Interpersonal conflicts
  3. Understanding why conflicts occur
  4. Identifying conflict management Patterns
  5. Interpersonal communication in handling conflicts
  6. Anger management
  7. Dealing with difficult people
  8. Conflict Management Techniques

Participant Profile:

Project Managers, Leaders and Team members


Includes Presentation, Case studies, Group activities, Role plays, videos


Accenture: The feedback taken on a scale of rating from 0 to 5.The overall feedback was rated as 4.3/5 & the Faculty feedback rated as 4.5/5, which is considered to be very good

Sonus Networks Inc: We have indeed received encouraging feedback about the program from our Senior Managers

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