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Strategy Plus

Workshop on Strategy Formulation, Planning and Execution

Workshop Overview

Many professionals, executives and even senior managers sometimes operate without an understanding of the overall corporate strategic roadmap and the business value that they deliver to customers. The grind of daily operational work shifts our vision away from strategic goals and an understanding of the macro environment imperative to build sustainable businesses. However in a complex, volatile business environment understanding strategy and competitive forces is not only important but critical to survival. As noted business leaders have rightly observed “.... businesses have to  run to stay where they are”.

The three-day workshop on Strategy Formulation, Planning and Execution is a structured exercise in understanding the macro business environments and in exploring the tools needed for business strategy. The workshop uses a balanced combination of class room lectures, videos, case studies and discussions.


  1. Impart an understanding of the concepts of Business Strategy
  2. Help participants explore their roles in overall corporate success
  3. Familiarise participants with the tools to develop strategy
  4. Help participants understand industry environments including competitive forces and value creation

Benefits / Key-takeaways

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Understand tools and techniques available for understanding business strategy
  2. Apply strategic frameworks to work
  3. Understand their organization in the macro-economic context
  4. Appreciate individual contributions in the context of overall business 


The workshop will be highly participative and based on group learning. The examples used will be topical and relevant to current business environment.

Participant Profile

  • Senior project managers
  • Program and portfolio managers
  • Mid and senor level managers/ executives seeking transition to business leadership roles

Workshop Facilitator

Prof. Vedavyas M.G. has more than 25 years of industry experience. He was the Regional Head of TCS in Birmingham, UK and was Senior Vice-President at Mahindra Satyam (now Tech Mahindra) responsible for global Telecom business before moving to academics. Prof. Vedavyas MG consults for start-ups and is currently Professor of Management at PES University. He teaches Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship  and International Business. He is a graduate of IIM Bangalore and IISc Bangalore. Know More