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Leaders operating in today’s competitive, high-churn business environment are constantly challenged to develop strategies adapted to a rapidly changing world.  Disruption of old business models, volatile trade environments, rapid globalization places an unprecedented focus on the strategic mindset. The PMI® talent triangle has been introduced to focus on the combination of technical, leadership and strategic skills required by the modern professional.

SABCONS has developed a set of transformational workshops guiding professionals on strategic thinking and planning and execution. These workshops are led by senior business leaders and are designed in line with the PMI® talent triangle guidelines. 

Under the Strategy Category, SABCONS currently offers transformational workshops on:

1. Strategy Formulation, Planning and Execution

2. Benefit Realisation Management

3. Understanding Stratgy

SABCONS Transformation Road Map, to read, click here

SABCONS e-brochure, to view / download, click here

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