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The business environment has changed drastically in the last 10 years and so has the role of Project Managers. Compared to a decade ago, Project Managers are expected to take on end-to-end project accountability including project selection and not just project delivery.

Previously, when it came to project evaluation and selection, decision making was restricted to the available capital budgeting tools, a premise where data was available to a fairly large extent. Today, uncertainty is more a norm than an exception which implies that professionals are expected to take decisions without complete information. 

Program Objectives

Enable professionals take better project selection decisions by –
1. Evaluating projects both technically and commercially using various techniques
2. Understanding and take decisions when complete information may not be available

Program Benefits

1. Motivate participants to go beyond their comfort zone of traditional project selection related decision making
2. Become comfortable to take decisions with limited or no information
3. Justify choices made with greater confidence to Senior Management
4. Facilitate organization’s portfolio selection and strategic alignment

How is this program unique 

1. Intense and drawing from latest global thinking on Decision Making
2. Comprehensive Case Study based
3. Experience-Based Learning with Group Discussions, Presentations and Debate
4. Faculty with diverse and extensive industry experience

Participants’ Profile 

Professionals involved in project selection including Portfolio Planners, Sponsors, Program/Project/Delivery Managers, and PMO Staff.

Program Facilitator:
Srikanth, P.V., PMP

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