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SABCONS is one of the leading providers of Project Management Courses in Silicon Valley of India. Since two decades, we are providing specialized project management certification courses and competency development workshops with a sole motive to mentor budding management professionals in a way that they deliver productive business results and win in the market place.

As the name implies project management is the planning and systematizing a project in a professional manner and our project management certification courses and competency development workshops are designed in a way to educate and hone key skills of project practitioners that are important to get employed within a company as a project manager. A perfect project manager should be a master of exceptional organizational skills, multi-tasking abilities, ability to see both big picture and an eye for details, should be organized and efficient, clear and effective communication skills, perfect balance between action-oriented and relationship-oriented , leadership abilities, possess a creative approach to problem-solving and many more. We have a thorough understanding of guiding and delivering the industry-ready project management professionals to the market and our project management courses in Bangalore ensure that project managers are all set to meet the growing demand of projects across the world.

SABCONS prepares project practitioners to successfully deal with the unexpected challenges that come with every project. We have a team of thought leaders and management professionals who passionately and rigorously design a comprehensive program for management practitioners that help potential management learners to form a firm footing in an organization. SABCONS first-rate certification courses give you an opportunity to compete and empowers you to succeed in future endeavors. What makes SABCONS a premier institute for project management training in Bangalore is our 99% pass rate and over 15,000 trained professionals till date. Also, SABCONS provides customized programs for corporate organizations.

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