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"SABCONS offers a complete coverage of the PMBOK® guide fourth edition in a very encouraging and a simple to understand manner. They say that experience is the best teacher and with this I reverently submit that the entire course covered by SABCONS has been a revelation in that it helps you to prepare for the certification exam that not only goes beyond the realm of covering specific issues, but also delving into those insights which give the bigger project management picture. Behind the quirky humour, pleasant disposition and an inimitable style, lies the deep understanding and grip Shri Sriprasad, PMP® has on the subject. The way he puts the project management concepts across, not only will you be able to understand them and pass the certification exam on the first attempt, but I am sure you will be able to put them into practice as well. I sincerely wish the team of SABCONS all the very best in their future endeavours and thank them once again for making a huge difference to my life.”
- Commander (Retd) PV Shriram, PMP.

"The PMP® training from Sabcons was a wholistic training program that not only prepared me for the PMP® exam but also taught me very valuable insights on how to apply project management tools in work and in private life. All the exam tips from Mr. Sriprasad were very useful and gave me a lot of confidence to take the exam even in a very shot time of 2 weeks and score proficiency is all process groups except one.

I liked the way practical examples and caselets were used during training arousing participation from all. I also want to thank Sabcons team for the wonderful learining ambiance/facilities provided to us."

David Deepak
Hyd Batch (18-22Feb 2013)

It was fun filled experience to go through training at Sabcons, thanks to the trainer (Mr. Sriprasad) who keeps everyone involved, and finally we learn more than traditional teaching methodologies. It’s not only PMP® oriented program, but also adds knowledge for project management as whole. I was very happy and confident after the program and cleared my PMP® within 2 months.

- Ritesh Basatwar, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Mar 22 – 26, 2010

Unlike others, SABCONS professional project management program doesn't focus merely on PMP® certification. It has a comprehensive curriculum. Not even for a single moment will you doubt of not getting the value for your money. I value the benefit I got out of that course.

- Venkatesh Balasubramanian, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management, Mar 22 – 26, 2010

It was an enriching experience to be part of the 5 day training session. The session was comprehensive and covered all the topics from the exams perspectives, while discussing the real world scenarios and challenges. The training session not only provided me the knowledge but also equipped me with a viewpoint to look at problems differently. I would like to specially thank Mr. Sriprasad, who impressively assured the class participation, encouraged the productive discussions and motivated the whole class to step out of our comfort zones, unlearn the traditional practices and learn the right approach and practices for project management. In summary, I am glad that I attended the SABCONS PMP® Training Session and successfully completed my PMP® certification.
- Sarthak Mittal, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Mar 22 – 26, 2010

SABCONS has been THE reason for my clearing the PMP® exam. And it would be safe to say that Mr. Sriprasad and SABCONS are the No. 1 facilitators in India for helping people like me and numerous fellow aspirants in not only clearing the PMP® exam with flying colors, but helping people understand the nuances of Project Management.
- Prudhvi Raju, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Jun 1 – 5, 2010

The SABCONS training gave me a quick grip on the practical aspects of the fundamentals, described in the PMBOK. Today, I am more aware of the finer points of project management, and 'am able to take better decisions in my project activities. The methodology used by Sriprasad is excellent, in that he taught serious stuff in a fun filled manner. I still remember the quote by him "Read the question, read the answers, answer the question", I kept reminding myself about this instruction throughout the exam session.
- Sabarish Varma, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, August 9-13, 2010

I am usually not a big fan of classroom training but, Mr Sriprasad’s project management session was exception – The 5 days training program was super fun and the lively examples – I will cherish and remember forever!! I started serious preparation almost after 10 months after the training session and I am happy to say that even after such a long gap, I could relate each and every topic on the PMBOK® with the witty and apt examples given by Mr. Prasad. Thanks a ton!
- Jeevan Chand, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Jun 1 – 5, 2010

Your PMP® training workshop coupled with the follow up study plan, has provided me with valuable insight and tools to become a better practitioner of project management. In hindsight, the five day course in itself is a real time demonstration of specific project management parts. Great execution, continous monitoring and control of scope and schedule, with uncompromising quality. Much appreciated.
- Girish Pillai, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Dec 20 – 24, 2010

I am very glad to inform you that I have successfully passed my PMP® examinations on 27th and would like to convey my heartfelt thanks for the support & contribution made by you & your team in helping me get this certification. The resources & time spent in your course was worth every penny. Thanks once again!
- Abhijit Rao, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, May 16 – 20, 2011

The SABCONS workshop provided me with a well-rounded preparation for the PMP® exam. I would like to confess that it was only because of your workshop that I took interest in topics like HR, Communication, PSR. Although, I missed your reward of 100K by a whisker, I would like to thank you for wonderful learning experience.
- Abhishek Chhangani, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Jul 18 - 22, 2011

Genuinely, I believe that the SABCONS training approach of looking beyond PMBoK and rather application of Project Management practices helped install huge confidence for the exam and realizing my PMP® dream
- Yaseen Mohammed, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Dec 20 – 24, 2010

SABCONS is a team of handful focused professionals who are extremely experienced in Project Management domain. I got to know about it through one of my friend and now I keep thanking him for that. The sessions are very helpful – no one else can give more exposure in 5 days on Project Management; the kind of instructors they have, the discussion that happen during the sessions, course materials, tips and 
tricks – everything becomes the key element in your success in PMP. I will call it as WORKSHOP not a mere Training Session. Joining SABCONS is surely a step towards getting PMP® certified; I am thankful to SABCONS for helping me in achieving this milestone. 
Anshul Porwal, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Jul 18 - 22, 2011.

Thanks to SABCONS for the wonderful training as part of the PMP® preparation! I strongly believe that the training and guidance provided by SABCONS as well as the suggested sequence of steps for preparation viz. reading of PMBOK® Guide prior to the training program, attending the training for 5 continuous days (rather than over weekends) and setting a 2 month limit for the exam would help anyone to secure a 'Proficient' grade in the exam.
Raju Vaddadi, attended SABCONS Professional Project Management program, Dec 20 – 24, 2010.