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PMP® Exam Preparation and Certification Cost

PMP® is to be read as PMP®

1A: Apply for membership on www.pmi.org, fees payable: one time U.S. $ 10 + annual membership U.S. $ 119, total U.S. $ 129. To know how to become a member, please click here.

1B: Access digital edition of The Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge - Edition V or buy the book from a book shop.

2: Attend 35 hour PMP® Certification Program conducted by a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)

3A:  Study reading material and take mock tests suggested  by the Instructor.

3B:  Submit PMP® test application to PMI® for completeness review.

Pay PMP® Credential fees, U.S $ 405 for members, U.S. $ 555 for non-members.

Schedule the PMP® test in a prometric centre at a time, date and location of your choice        

4: Take the PMP® Test, duration 4 hours, 200 questions.
Get your test report at the prometric centre.
You will get one of the grades; Proficient/Moderate Proficient/Below Proficient for each of the sections:
Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control & Closure

PMP® Exam Fees / PMP® Certification Cost:

Membership fees for the first year is US$ 119 and a one time fee of US $ 10, totaling US 129.

The PMP® exam fee is $405  for a PMI® member and $555  for a non-member.

The total fees including membership fee the first year is U.S $ 534  and for a non-member is U.S. $ 555.

PMP® Exam Preparation Course:

The PMP® certification is a fairly elaborate process, both in terms of time and money and as a PMP® aspirant, it is important that you choose a qualified training program that will provide you clear, enough and the right inputs along the entire process. But amid the increasing number of PMP® Certification training providers out there today and their increasing claims, how do you ensure that you choose the right program?  

1. Even the best of training material and copious question banks are unhelpful, even dangerous if not interpreted rightly. It is the instructor who can transform the theoretical concepts into ideas that you can relate to and even apply.

Our facilitators are practicing professionals who bring to the table years of their practical know-how and global exposure. They are full time associates of SABCONS who undergo rigorous training and exposure to the best of professional project management education directly from PMI® and such other global sources. Find out more about Team SABCONS.

2. SABCONS' PMP® Examination Preparation courses go beyond mere dispensation of information and aim at helping you apply the classroom learning in a practical situation to bring about true transformation. We follow a case study methodology where participants discuss real world projects, highlight their best practices and debate their shortcomings in a constructive and friendly environment. This makes the entire experience more interactive and throws open a plethora of opportunities to network and benefit from collective wisdom. SABCONS' participants come from the best-in-class organizations and our workshops resonate with the positive vibes of their collective enthusiasm and knowledge. Here are some of our esteemed clients.

3. SABCONS has been in this business of Project Management education for close to two decades now and has stood the test of time. Today SABCONS is recognized as the most trusted partner for individuals and organizations across in the field of project management education. Our track record of more than 99% first attempt success in the PMP® exam stands testimonial to our commitment and excellence in this field. Project practitioners around the country have experienced this trusted competence of SABCONS and vouched for the same. We look forward to welcoming you to our family. Go ahead, give us a call!

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PMP® is the registerd mark of The Project Management Institute, Inc.

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