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Setting up and Stabilizing Project Management Office

PMO is group within an organization that defines and maintains standards for project management in the organization.

SABCONS Consultants will create and sustain a value-driven PMO. The benefits of having a PMO are:

1. Establishes and deploys a common set of project management processes and templates, across all projects within the organization.  These reusable project management components help projects start-up more quickly and with much less effort. 

2. Save organization money by enabling better resource management.

3. Enhance project success and supporting those projects that offer the biggest payback.

4. Tracks basic information on the current status of projects in the organization, and provides project visibility and oversight to management in a common and consistent manner.

5. Tracks organization-wide metrics on the state of project management, project delivery and the value being provided to the business.

6. Enables advancement of Project Management Maturity of your organization.

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