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Traditional, sequential methodologies that were hitherto used to deliver projects are best suited to scenarios where requirements are clear, well-understood and have little or no scope for change. However situations that require nimble response to change and constant communication to customers demand a different approach. To address precisely this requirement, Agile Project Management methodology advocates iterative delivery and open communication between teams and customers and thus seeks to manage change through flexibility, adaptation and direct communication.

PMI® market research shows an increasing trend of project management practitioners embracing agile principles and practices as a technique for successfully managing projects. Many organizations have acknowledged the value of agile through increased realization of business value to customers and stakeholders, higher team productivity and improved product quality, reduce cost and increased efficiency.

The Agile Project Management program recognizes knowledge of agile principles, practices and tools and techniques across agile methodologies.

SABCONS offers the following modules:

Duration:  2 days    Contact Hours: 14

The program covers the entire Scrum methodology. Recommended for those working in a Scrum environment or aspiring to become a Scrum Master.

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(PMI-ACP Agile certification program)

Duration: 3 days       Contact Hours: 21

PMI-ACP Agile certification program prepares you for the highly popular PMI-ACP® Certification Examination and gets you the much required insights into various agile methodologies like Scrum, XP and Lean. This program can provide an opportunity to fast track your career in agile methodologies / agile project management.

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(Fast Track PMI-ACP® Agile certification program)

Duration: 1 day       Contact Hours: 07

The program prepares aspirants who have already obtained 14 Contact hours/PDUs from a Scrum Training for the highly popular PMI-ACP® Certification Examination.

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