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Looking for PMP® instructor for class of 50

Lowell ThomasInformation Technology

Does anyone have experience instructing a PMP® class of this size.

Latha S, PMP
PMO, PMP® Trainer and Technical Documentation Consultant

Hi All, I would highly recommend Mr. M R Sriprasad from Sabcons. I was part of his PMP® training session and found it the most interactive one. I am sure anybody who is trained under him will definitely understand the subject and concepts better. You can reach him at www.sabcons.com

Padmaja G, PMP
Experienced Technical Writer

I agree with Latha, I was also trained under Mr. Sriprasad and he is too good

Subrahmanya Gupta Boda
CISO with IT Governance experience

Recommend Mr. SRIPRASAD M.R.

Manish Shah, PMP
Customer Success Manager at Spirent Communications

Look no further than Mr. SRIPRASAD M.R. I've trained under him and he delivers much more than what is required to clear PMP. Also, with more number of participants, his enthusiasm and energy levels also tend to increase in proportion...

Rajen P Doddapaneni

I vouch for Mr. Sri Prasad. Apart from his actual PMP® training, his direction and guidance towards Professional path helps to be in tact with our goals. Really worth attending his Sessions !

Ruby Chhabra
Associate Director, Strategic Outsourcing at IBM

I vouch for Mr Sriprasad too! You cant get anyone better

Anwar Sadath, PMP®, ITIL®
Technical Lead @ Thomson Reuters

Mr Sriprasad is the guy. His passion for training, the grip over the subject, and the ability to keep the audience engaged throughout is simply remarkable and makes him stand out in the crowd, and one of the best in the business. Highly Recommended!

Mukund Toro
Lifelong Student of Project Management, Occasional Mentor

Way to go Sriprasad.

Oommen Thomas {LION~2825 1st Level Connections}
Seasoned leader in End-to-end IMS/RIM program management - optimal solutions thru innovation/transformation.

Me too vouch for Mr Sriprasad - based on own experience as a student !

Ravi Evuru
Project Mangaer - Dynamics CRM

I too vouch for Mr.Sriprasad’s training, you can't get anyone better.

Yashashri Sadhu
Test Program Manager at SQS-India

Mr. Sriprasad is the person to go to. One of the best trainings I ever attended...

Anand Murthy Raj
Agile Coach at Accenture

Sriprasad from Sabcons is the best guy to 5 talk to. In my opinion he can handle a batch if even 100...