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Key Account Management

Workshop Overview

In technology service companies, business units have customer accounts managed by project managers / delivery managers. A customer account typically consists of a portfolio of projects; say 10 – 12 projects, mostly small projects with small teams, but with tight timelines and high value generating opportunity.

Maximizing business results in a customer account calls for a higher order skill level that is mid-way in the continuum between that of Project manager and Program manager; a mix of tactical skills to manage teams & tasks together with strategic skills of leading different functional teams and engaging with stakeholders including client side leaders.

This one day interactive workshop ‘Key Account Management’ addresses capability development to meet such a need.


•         Building and executing the right account strategy and applying project and program management skills  as differentiator

•         Drive account management as a program to achieve an objective.

•         Soft skills with focus on

           –       Customer relationship management

           –       Business value and growth

•         Participants across industries will learn:

           –       How to improve business results 

           –       How to enhance customer experience

•         Case based learning through peer level interactions


       Win for Organisation - 

  • Maximise revenue generating opportunity & ROI – ‘win’ aspect from service provider organization side

      Win for Customer - 

  • Drive account management as a program to achieve a customer objective – ‘win’ from customer value addition view point

Participant Profile:

•         PMs managing a set of projects for a customer account

•         PMs with about 6 years project management experience

•         PMs aspiring for:

–       Additional responsibilities to develop and grow a customer account in a business line

–       Self development for customer facing roles

–      Being part of capability pool in their organization as a strategic measure to grow business

Workshop Facilitator:
Murari Thayi, PgMP, PMP
PM Coach - Service Delivery Excellence