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Heads you win: subject to your company policy: Not applicable for organisation sponsored participants. 
In the event a PMP® aspirant secures "Proficient" in all domains/chapters, we shall reward him/her with prize money of US $2,500 or Indian Rs. 100,000 whichever is less. TDS, as applicable shall be deducted.
(if more than one participant during the validity period referred to below, secures the stated results, the prize money shall be equally distributed among the eligible participants)

Tails we lose: subject to your company policy

In the event a PMP® aspirant does not clear the PMP® test in the first attempt, we shall allow the participant to attend the program once again FREE! 

Subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The participant should not abstain himself/herself for more than 15 minutes during the entire program.
  2. The participant should take the PMP® test on or before 60 days from the last day of the   S-Project Pro (“Professional Project Management") program. In the event he/she is selected for audit, a grace period of 15 days shall be extended to 60 days taking the deadline to 75 days.
    These deadlines are strictly non-negotiable under any circumstances. The participant shall refrain from pressurizing PMI® to expedite the process of audit in view of the deadline.
  3. The participant has to send the result, within 24 hours, on e-mail to: tanuja@sabcons.com.
  4. The sponsoring organization should have paid us our normal fees in full on or before 30 days from the last day of the program
  5. All the relevant documents shall be produced in original on demand for verification. This includes the Certification Order receipt issued by PMI® and scanned copy of SABCONS Attendance Certificate indicating 40 contact hours, which have to be produced.
  6. "Tails we lose": The participant has to pay retest fees to PMI® before re-attending the program. The participant should have secured  "Proficient" or "Moderate Proficient" in at least one section.
  7. The scheme is applicable to all participants attending our "Professional Project Management" program from 1.7.2013 to 30.6.2014. SABCONS reserves right to withdraw the scheme anytime but will honour claims of affected participants till the date of withdrawal.
  8. In case of any dispute, decision of SABCONS is final and binding.

 N.B. SABCONS does not load the claims in their fee-structure.

PMP® is the registerd mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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