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Global Project Management

Global Project Management

Globalization 3.0 created a global platform that allowed more people to plug and play, collaborate and compete, share knowledge and share work, than anything we have ever seen in the history of the world. – Thomas Friedman.

In his revolutionary book, “The world is flat”, Thomas Friedman explores the forces of globalization which affect individuals and businesses across the world. Projects with multiple global stakeholders or touch-points have become more the norm rather than the exception across industry domains. Projects in Pharma, IT, Retail, Finance, Construction or Manufacturing can have multiple global footprints in aspects such as project financing, global supply chain, resource base or customers. Over and above the typical project delivery requirements, a Global project brings additional complex situations of distributed teams, varying time zones, difference in local macroeconomic and political factors, cross-cultural issues while dealing with the client and an international set of end users. It is important to ensure a smooth delivery framework with built-in contingency to address the risks in global projects. Managing scope, risks and virtual teams are the key success factors for most multi-national Projects. This workshop is designed to equip participants with the knowledge base and practical toolkit required to manage global projects.


  1. To equip participants with good practices, tools, techniques and Project Management concepts required for managing complex projects.
  2. Equip participants with a global, broad-based mind-set to handle global projects
  3. To enable participants to deliver on time, on budget, write clear scope statements, manage risks, handle cross cultural teams, effectively deal with vendors, adopt appropriate communication strategies and mange expectations of stakeholders and avoid surprises to clients throughout all phases of the project


This is a one-of-a-kind program tailored to the critical needs of managing complex, distributed projects. With the right blend of theory and practical exercises, the program helps participants become fully ready for executing complex global projects and steer them to success.

Participants' Profile:

  • Delivery Managers
  • Project Managers,
  • Project Leads
  • Quality Managers and Consultants
  • Business Analysts

Industry served:

  • IT, Finance, Pharma, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing

Course Duration: 3 to 5 days depending on the customisation required by client organisations.

Course facilitator:

Namita Wadhwa, Principal Consultant

PRINCE2 Practitioner, CAPM, NFNLP Certified Master Practitioner and MPWE graduate from IIM, Bangalore.

Namita has over 15 years of varied professional experience in renowned organizations including SABCONS, ANZIT and NIIT. Till date she has delivered over 200 high value Project Management trainings for multinational corporate organisations and public workshops. High professionalism, complex concepts made simple and uncomplicated, knowledge, a lively and fun filled classroom enhanced by her excellent training and communication skills mark the sessions conducted by Namita.

What participants say about the course.....

This was my first project management training although I have been managing projects for 4+ years. The session did help me think outside my knowledge bank and helped assess my current skills. It also help enhance my confidence that I have been unknowingly practicing some of the skills presented. It definitely kicks off new thought processes that would help enhance the way I manage projects.

By role play they have made aware of lot of qualities a project manager should have, examples are very good.

Very exhaustive and interactive, should be made mandatory to all Project Managers / Leaders.”

“Different things involved in projects management, things which we were using with out knowledge, we were not giving much promising.

Excellent instructor and great program content.

Insightful program. Instructor was quite knowledgeable and thorough.”

“Use of our case studies, brainstorming, correcting and providing better alternatives."

"The session was very accommodative, energetic, enthusiasm, possessed great knowledge and created a conducive learning environment.”

 “Provoking to think different; thoughtful points; pleasant training session.”

“The practical approach used to describe the roles of a project manager; the activities, group discussions, videos along with fun reinforced learning.”

 “The way the facilitator carries the training was so good and colourful, was patient in reply and correlated to live environment.”

“Excellent communication, great way of conducting training, ensuring every participant has understood the concepts.”

“Overall this program was one of the best programs I had ever attended.”

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