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Building Bridges - effective gender diversity at work

In order to compete globally, the Indian Industry needs to create workplaces that tap the full potential of every employee, both men and women. The ‘ability of Gender Diverse group of people, who can work in harmony is the new power that propels organizations to higher levels of performance.

Why Gender Diversity Building Bridges?

Men & Women are equal but different. They think, communicate and behave differently!

Admittedly, these differences add flavor to life. However, unless handled with sensitivity and respect, they have the potential to create confusion and conflict, drain energy, resulting in loss of talent.

Organizations benefit by building awareness and equipping people with tools and techniques to deal with these differences. We, facilitate this intervention through our highly interactive workshop.

Objective of the workshop:

Sensitizing about Diversity and Inclusivity challenge

Understanding Gender communication styles & skills to build the gaps

Overcoming the perceptual barriers and understanding realities

Learning through role plays and feedback

Key Benefits of the workshop:

Effective Gender Communication

Enhanced Harmony at Work

Understanding working styles of men and women

Working on Perceptions

Building bridges to cover gaps and overcome differences

Improved sense of Self-worth and Well-being

Increased Energy and Efficiency

Participant Profile:Both men and women .Supervisors, Delivery Managers, Project Managers, Team leads and Team members

Couples Welcome: (Husband and Wife) – benefit both personally and professionally

Number of Days: One day workshop from 9.30am to 5.30pm

Methodology: Highly interactive with Case studies, Activities, Role plays and Videos

Research & Recognition:

Project Management Institute-India

Sabita & Sudha  conduct  their workshops based on insights gained from original  research. Research papers presented and appreciated for three consecutive years at Project Management Institute of India conferences:

  • Gender Communication (Hyderabad-2009)
  • Managing everyday Conflicts (Mumbai-2010)
  • Stress Management at work place (Bengaluru-2011)

NASSCOM:  Resonance Consulting was  associated with  Nasscom  as evaluators for Nasscom’s  mentoring initiative “Women-in-leadership” for women executives from IT.

They  were invited to conduct their workshop”Building Brodges-enhancing inclusivity at work” in the Nasscom Diversity & Inclusivity conclave at Bengaluru.


IBM India Ltd: Pretty good. I wish internal sessions are conducted in all corporates to understand and enable

Barclays Shared Services: The workshop was extremely enlightening and was totally non biased to either women or men.  I think what made it so real for me was the fact that everything was backed up by facts which certainly cannot be argued with.

CISCO: I liked the program because it was thought provoking

HP: Well done. Training was precise and concise

MindTree: Best session. It should be done at all organisations

Ernst & Young: I enjoyed myself and benefitted from it thoroughly

Nokia: Nice programme. Handled with panache between the two facilitators

VITAE Intl: Very structured, good mix of methods of delivery, research based – a plus

RR Donnelley: The program was a great experience

USTGLOBAL.com: Good encapsulation of relevant topics

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