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I was part of SABCONS PMP® training Nov 5-9, 2012 Batch. I gave my test yesterday, I am pleased to inform that I cleared the exam with Proficient rating in all process groups :)

When I read the PMBOK® book on my own before the training, could not feel the depth of the material and could not link it with practical application. It was your training that made me understand the depth and value of these processes, it also made me reflect on what I should change in the way I manage things now.

The knowledge I gained as part of going through the training and reading the books is the main take away for me not just the PMP® certification.

If you ask me what was the key thing I learnt post the training, is in any situation, do not jump to any conclusion fast, step back and reflect properly. Will always remember the questions you asked us and at the end of the course we all understood the right answer is "It Depends" :-).

I wish you and SABCONS all the best. Thanks for making the training so much interesting.
-Madhu (21st December, 2012)

I had the pleasure of attending Mr. Sriprasad's PMP® program (Aug 19th to 23rd 2013). I took my exam on Oct 11th 2013 & secured 5 “Proficient” Grades.

The PMP® program from SABCONS was very helpful in the exam preparation.

  1. The unmatchable energy, wit & most simplified way of explaining concepts that Mr. Sriprasad sir exhibits enables the entire class room to concentrate effortlessly.
  2. The 5 days continuous training program brought seriousness & focus for the exam preparation.
  3. The practice questions given as homework everyday keeps the momentum going.

Thank you so much sir for a unique learning experience. I look forward to attend more training programs conducted by you.


It’s really a nice learning experience during the training and the topics were not only from the exam perspective but also should help practically. Can you please provide the completer number for claiming PDUs since I am already a PMP. Thanks and Regards, 
Thomson Financials.

Sriprasad conducted the 5-days PMP® program for us. It was just amazing. His way of pacing the sessions, his confidence level, sense of humor, building the rapport with the us, his integrity, the case studies he quotes are all simply great. I’m sure only a few trainers like him can conduct such a LIVELY 5-days PMP® program. If you want to get enlightened about Project Management, close your eyes and choose Sriprasad. Thank you sir,  for your session.

SRIPRASAD is an excellent trainer. I attended his PMP® training between 5th to 9th November'12. It was just superb. He was able to keep the participants engaged/focused for all the 5 days of the workshop and was impeccable throughout. He explained every concept in a very simple way with real life scenario/examples and made it very easy for us to understand. Overall I would rate his PMP® training delivery 10/10 and recommend him as a Trainer for PMP® aspirants.

It was truly an enriching experience going through the 5 day session. Although there was some unlearning, I am sure it’s going to change the way I manage projects. In my 8 years of professional life, it was one of the best training programs that I have ever attended. I am sure you must have heard this from others too. Regards
Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Just done with my PMP® test today. The point is I took this exam exactly after 35 days from the training. It was excellent. More than just passing exam it was an insight. I see the things from different perspective. I once again thank your team and Sriprasad to tailor such a nice program .Thanks and regards,

I really appreciate the way Shri Sriprasad teaches. He makes you enjoy your study by cracking jokes and relating the PMP® study with real life examples. I found SABCONS training program, reference material is very useful fro preparation for PMP® test. I would rate SABCONS with 5 points on the scale or 5. Warm Regards,

The training has added / is adding lot of value to my day to day PM work. I have attended lot of training in different areas in the last twenty years. I feel, Mr. Sriprasad is the best of among the trainers I have come across. Few points to add, He makes the people / candidates to actively participate in the training session. He sets excellent ground rules before start of the training. Thanks for your help once again

I must say that the knowledge, I gained during five day training programs very useful not just from the certification point of view but also for my day to day project management activities. The study plan which you shared on the last day of training was very effective. Thank you very much. Regards,
NXP Semiconductors India Pvt Ltd.

 I attended your PMP® training in Infosys, Bangalore on April 25-29. I appeared for my exam on 11 July and I am very happy to inform you that I scored 93%. This is now the top score from Infosys :)
Infosys Technologies Ltd., Pune

I attended the PMI® certification training from SABCONS and passed the exam with 91% of marks. Thanks.
GET - IT Bangalore,
John F Welch Technology Center

I was a part of your training program in Intel (WW46 if I remember right) and I am glad to inform you that I passed the exam yesterday. Thanks a lot for all your support and help. I have got a ‘Proficient’ rating across all process groups. Regards
Intel Technologies Ltd.

I just wanted to thank and tell Mr. Sri Prasad that I cleared my exam yesterday with Proficient Level in all the Process Group. Please pass on this message to him. Thanks and Regards
HP e-Global

This is to convey my sincere regards for the training and guidance. (Training in Royal Orchid ended on 4th April). I was able to become PROFICIENT in all areas, making me a candidate for your verbal contract.

My wishes to your team and HAPPY TRAINING. Regards
Global Projects
DCN Infrastructure Support Unit
IO – Central Infrastructure Management (CIM)

I’m glad to share with you about my successfully completion of PMP® certification. Please also let Mr Sripasad know. Thanks
Goldman Sachs

I am pleased to inform you that I have successfully cleared PMP® with 83%. I would like to emphasize that it was your training (4th to 8th July at Royal Orchid) that gave me lot of confidence and encouragement to take the exam. Your examples during the training relating to practical situations were very helpful in recall during the exam. In fact, one interesting observation, we all made was that PMBOK® was a lot easier after your training. Hence, I have to thank you for your training, your words of wisdom and encouragement throughout the training. Thanks once again. Regards
Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

I am glad to inform you that I took the PMP® certification this morning and cleared the exam. Moreover I scored proficient in all sections.
I am grateful to you for your guidance apart from the excellent training workshop. With regards


I am extremely happy to let you know that I have cleared my PMP® exam this morning (June 30th) with 'Proficient' in all but one category!
Thank you so much for your tips, coaching, problem solving techniques, tricks of the trade, knowledge that you shared and the study methodology you inculcated in us. Every bit of it was very very helpful. I am sorry I am unable to meet you in person to let you know about this, but I am very thankful and grateful to you! Regards

Ernst & Young

I am one of your HCL, Rhode Island trainees. I passed my PMI® with a score of more than 90%. Thanks a lot for your inputs during training. As you know till date all of us from Rhode Island have passed with more than 85%.
HCL Technologies America Inc.

A lot of credit for this goes to training you had provided to us and the follow up Q & A session you had with us. Thank you very much for that. For your records, my score in your exam was 63%, whereas in the actual exam it is 88%. So your exam is definitely tougher than the actual one. With Regards
Texas Instruments

I am extremely happy to inform you that your training has been appreciated and it has become Talk of the town or rather office. Thank you very much for your dedication and sincerity. We will also forward the formal feedback report to you.

I am also glad to inform you that so far our PMI® results have been 100 % success. 10 have cleared and 4 more have to take the exam. I am happy that I could get these results with your help and support. It was great to work with you and was an enriching experience

Senior Manager- CDC (Competency Devpt.Center)
Digital Globalsoft

Dear All,
Just wanted to share the feedback (feedback attached) that we received for a PMP® Program, that we conducted for our Team with Sabcons. We have got a very good Feedback of 92% for the same. Mr. Sri Prasad was the Faculty who delivered the excellent program. I felt the information of the Vendor might be useful for you people, incase you have any similar requirements in your deals. We Recommend Sabcons for PMP. Incase I have missed out somebody for whom this info would be relevant, pls forward this to them. Thanks & Regards

Training Lead,
Accenture – India

This is to thank you for your excellent training that has helped me in passing the PMP® exam. I cleared it today in the very first attempt.
I hope, this makes me eligible for the SABCONS award. :)Regards

Deloitte & Touche, Hyderabad.

Glad to let you all know that I have cleared the PMP® exam which I took on Monday this week. With this I have now fulfilled all the criteria necessary for getting the certification. I will be receiving my certificate from PMI® soon. Having started this journey together, I thought to share this information with you all personally.
I would like to mention here that the training program from Sabcons was an eye opener and extremely helpful for me in preparing for this exam. The roadmap was the killer as well.
Thanks a lot, SABCONS & Sriprasad, for designing and delivering such an effective and to the point training program.
Also, if any one of you are preparing for the exam in near future and would like to talk to me about my experiences, then please feel free to do so.Thanks & regards

Dell Global Delivery Centre

Today, it was my day. I cleared the PMP® exam!

Special thanks to Sriprasad and I admire the way he teaches...many thanks!

Finally one suggestion for people who arevplanning to take the exam, book your exam today!!!... Don’t wait to complete the preparation, book your exam first, otherwise you will be forced to postpone the date as like me :-).
JP Morgan Chase

I passed the PMP® test and score 164. But for your guidance, I would not have passed the exam. Thank you for your support.

Oracle Corporation SDN BHD, Malaysia

4 more people from first batch have become PMPs. 16 have taken the exam and passed it with a grand 100% hit rate. Thanks for all the help that you have rendered in terms of providing study material, conducting follow up classes to boost the confidence levels and above all your tips on facing the examination.
Your continued support is solicited.

Wipro Technologies Ltd.

I wrote the PMP® exam on 5th April and scored 178. I would like to thank you for your immense help without which it would have been impossible to achieve this milestone. Regards,
Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

I have successfully completed the PMP® certification on 14th April 2004 and wish to express my sincere thanks for your support. My score was 174/200. Thanks and Regards,
DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology India

I must say that the knowledge, I gained during five day training programs very useful not just from the certification point of view but also for my day to day project management activities. The study plan which you shared on the last day of training was very effective.Thank you very much.
Corporate I&T / IP & Architecture,
NXP Semiconductors India Pvt Ltd.

Four more passed the exam yesterday. We have 8 out 8 so far. Can you send me some details, including cost proposal, on the MS Project training?
Dean, Nalanda University,
Polaris Software Lab., Chennai.

We got the message from the PMI® office that all of us from Oracle (and ex Oracle) who took the PMP® exam have cleared it. Marks and the certificate will reach us in a couple of weeks time from PMI® USA, it seems. Definitely your course added lot of confidence to us to take the exam. Thank you very much.Regards
Vice President, Corporate Quality, HCL Technologies India Limited

Just wanted to give you good news that I have cleared my PMP® exam on 3rd. I shall be writing an email with my experience in more details in fews days. I would again like to thank you for all the efforts during training.Regards
Client Delivery, Hewitt Technologies, Gurgaon

I took PMP® class conducted by Mr. Sriprasad in the month of Dec ’07. And that helped me to pass my PMP® exam. Please convey this to Mr. Sriprasad and thanks To all his unique brilliant way of teaching that helped me achieve this milestone.Thanks
Target Corporation

I am very happy to inform you that I cleared PMP® exam yesterday. My sincere thanks to Mr. Sriprasad for the training and guidance he provided during the training sessions
Thank you for the support and wonderful coordination during training process @ SABCONS. I am sure many from Cerner will be interested for PMP® training now :)Regards

Cerner Healthcare

I am excited to share that I passed the PMP® Exam today morning.
I attended your training during 16th to 20th March.
Like to thank you from bottom of my heart. Without your guidance it was always impossible. Your technique was really unique which made understanding of the concepts so easy. I think the examples you shared with us made a deep impact for this success.
Once again ....THANK YOU SOO MUCH !!!.


I am from Oracle NAIO and attended the PMP® exam training from July 4th thru 8th. My PMP® test was on August 8th and I passed with 81%. Thank you so much for helping us with this. Your training was excellent and helped us a lot to study. During the exam also, I remembered some of the examples mentioned during the class. I have recommended this class to my friends and colleagues. I am also interested in attending other classes (that helps my career) conducted by you. Again, thank you so much.Regards
Oracle NAIO