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Lost in Translation – Part I


A transformational workshop on Communicating for Results

Workshop overview:

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation” – Aristotle

While the art of communication is a natural gift in many, it requires to go through the right set of exercises to make it perfect. Especially in a world with multiple, inter-operating cultures and dynamics, it is not just important to communicate impactfully but also to be understood clearly. Yet many of us struggle to get the right message across and have the desired impact on our audience. We are left asking ourselves, “but I didn’t mean that?” And you were thinking… “What really happened just now? Did I say it wrong? Did I?”

The Lost in Translation workshop has been designed to help you solve the dilemma of misinterpreted conversations and communicate with clarity and purpose. While it is common for a message to get distorted while being translated from one language to another, we interpret ‘Lost in Translation’ in a wider context here. So we will help overcome barriers of perceptions, cultures, language, understandings, and other factors i.e. mental maps across the world which commonly distort communication.

This course is preapproved for 8 PDUs for PMPs to fulfill the continuing certification requirements (CCR) for PMI® credentials under Leadership category of PMI® Talent Triangle.


  1. Enhance the most critical skill of a team leader/ manager – Communicating for results
  2. Help  participants understand the factors at play while communicating
  3. Help participants develop a communication map to navigate complex situations.
  4. Equip participants with the ability to think differently, interpret situations with more clarity and adapt and respond better 

The transformational focus of our program catalyzes these most effectively.

Benefits / Key Take aways of the program:

  • Transform the way they share information
  • Be understood without ambiguity
  • Communicate with purpose and impact
  • Create a niche by communicating differently

Uniqueness of the program:
The program is based on the concepts of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and addresses the need to communicate with team and other stakeholders in most effective manner.  The workshop is built around role plays and group activities which helps easy assimilation of concepts and communication paradigms. It therefore creates a stronger impact as compared to other programs in this domain which stop at basic verbal and non-verbal communication models.

Participants' Profile:
The program is suitable for all executives and professionals who are interested in personal and professional growth

Ms. Namita Wadhwa, Principal Consultant

PRINCE2 Practitioner, CAPM, NFNLP Certified Master Practitioner and MPWE graduate from IIM,Bangalore.


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Bangalore July 29

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