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Portfolio and Strategy Consulting

Many small and medium organizations see early success in the market and grow to a certain size quickly riding on the first few successes within a niche market segment. After a few years of decent growth, they start stagnating, unable to understand and manage the complex world of competition, economy, customer sentiment and other factors. Scaling and growing profitably becomes a challenge, threatening the very survival of the firm in the medium to long term.

These companies also end up being unable to leverage current internal capabilities to the fullest and unable to identify new capabilities required in the market place.

Business and Functional strategies get implemented through a number of portfolios of projects. This needs effective prioritization, budgeting, governance, risk management and benefits realization components that go hand in hand with strategy implementation.

SABCONS’ Portfolio and Strategy Consulting team interacts closely with various levels of your organization, understands your industry/market and guides you through the strategy formulation process that works for your organization. This includes Strategy Consulting, Strategy Workshops, Portfolio Management training, Leadership and Communication skills training and related services.

All these help create more and more value to your organization. 

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