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Coaching Program and Project managers

At SABCONS, we go beyond knowledge up gradation done through targeted training sessions and facilitated workshops. Most organizations run their business by executing a portfolio of projects and transformation programs. Our coaching services are aligned to consolidate the concepts learnt in the training sessions, by supplementing with ‘on the job’ support and guidance through periodic interventions over an extended duration that will be customized to the situational context. These services are rendered by experienced professionals with many years of work experience across multiple industry segments.

Such a coaching led capability building service enables development of managerial and leadership competencies at the level of individuals and teams within the organization. These services can save organizations money by enhancing project / program success and supporting those projects that offer the biggest payback.

We assess what the client expectations for improvement in capability building of Project / Program Managers are—particularly the prioritised improvement focus of the client senior management. We then find out which tools (simple ones to begin with) can meet those expectations. Usually it fits in one of the five phases of the project lifecycle as described in ‘A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge’ (PMBOK® Guide). In the case of programs it will fit into the phases of the program lifecycle as described in the Standard for Program Management.

The capability building is done in two distinct phases:

Phase 1:

  • Content driven training sessions / workshops

Phase 2:

  • 4 – 6 months; periodic support & guidance interactions.
  • Ongoing while on the job (at work in the real world, managing projects / programs) through periodic interactions over a duration of about 4-6 months, based on a joint assessment of improvement goals and expected performance outcomes.

For additional details, please contact us.